Top 6 Men Hairstyles in 2018

Men Top 6 Men Hairstyles in 2018
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Top 6 Men Hairstyles in 2018, When it comes to hairstyles, both men and women must wish for something that is perfect, more than that everyone desires for sophisticated cut for their hair that suit their style. The reason for this is hairstyle is significant to support people’s appearance.

Top 6 Men Hairstyles in 2018

It represents people’s soul and the way they perceive the world. It may sound superficial, but this is the fact. Most of the times, people state their identity through their appearance, including their hairstyle. For those who live in a conservative life whose works oblige them to appear neat and classy will present different hairstyles from those who have free life style whose works do not instruct them to have a particular style.

For a long time, general truth have assumed that hairstyles for women are more various than hairstyles for men. In fact, that statement seems to be failed starting from this year. In the year of 2018, along with the rapid movement of the popular culture such as movies and music showbiz, men’s hairstyle seems become more developing in terms of its variety. Eminent figures such as characters in the movies, music, sports stars, or even politics have been thought widely as inspiration for men to revolutionize their hairstyle.

Based on the most happening phenomenon in the popular culture worldwide these days, there are top 6 men hairstyles. It ranges from the conservative style to ultramodern style.

Edward Cullen Hairstyles

To begin with, the most popular men hairstyles today is the style of Edward Cullen; a vampire character played by actor Robert Pattinson in the movies of Twilight Saga. This style is considered as the most favorable style for women. In order to have this style, you need to have a medium length hair with different hair lengths. Use round hair brush and blow your hair with hair dryer. For further and detailed steps to create this style, you can go browsing the internet or ask help from your trustworthy hair dresser.

Justin Bieber Bangs Hairstyles

Next top hairstyle is coming from the teenage singer phenomenon; Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber side bangs hairstyles is now very popular. To have the look of this hairstyle, you need to cut your hair on slight angle in the front, pushed your hair forward over your eyes and forehead and set it using styling cream. Though this inspiration comes from a teenage boy, an adult man with carefree style can also apply this style.

Julius Caesar Hairstyles

George Cloony’s Caesar cut is positioned in the third of this list. To have a Julius Caesar hairstyles, you need to trim your hair within an inch or two all around the head. Brush forward your hair so that the bangs cover the forehead.

Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyles

The fourth place is the Portuguese football player; Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles. This style requires medium short curly hair. Cut your hair longer on top and shorter on the sides. Having this cut, you can style your hair into varieties of style such as faux hawk, messy look, or elegant style.

Buzz Cut Hairstyles

The fifth is the classic buzz cut hairstyle that seems to be fashionable all the time. Male celebrities who have this type of hairstyle are Wentworth Miller on the cast as Michael Scofield on the Prisoner Break series, Will Smith, Ice Cube, and many more. A buzz cut hairstyle named after the sound of the electric razor that is used to create this hairstyle look. Many men tend to choose this hairstyle considering this style needs no complicated caring. You simply have to wash your hair regularly and go to barbershop to cut it whenever you feel it is already long.

Robert Downey JR. Hairstyles

The last is the messy on top hairstyle of Robert Downey Jr. This Tony Stark actor in the movie of Iron Man hairstyles is very popular for its representation of vigorous personality. To have this look, you need to have medium and thick hair with layered style to increase the volume on the sides and the top.

To be able to have this look, you need to use hair mousse to make your hair a little bit volume up in the front. This hairstyle is suitable for those who work in conservatives’ field. No matter your lifestyle and personality, new hairstyle will give you a new sensation. After all, good hair means good feel, is not it?

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