Top 5 Hairstyles for 2018

Hairstyles Top 5 Hairstyles for 2018
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Top 5 Hairstyles for 2018, The time has come to get a new look. You should celebrate the onset of 2018 by trying something different with your hair. This article will tell you the top 5 hair styles for 2018.

Top 5 Hairstyles for 2018

Pixie Look

The first haircut that is in major vogue in 2018 is the pixie look. Ideally, this should be combined with a fringe. But this haircut only works on the young. Mature women getting this haircut wouldn’t look as good. If you’re below 30 or so, have a smallish face and slightly sunken-in cheekbones, you could consider getting this haircut. It gives you a funky, yet childish and sexy look. You might get a pink or blue streak if you’re feeling wild, this would add to the appeal of the haircut. Think Victoria Beckham, who carries off the pixie look with aplomb.

Long Straight Look

The second haircut which is really in, in 2018, is the long straight look. You can find this look on Jennifer Aniston, who just tousles up her hair a bit to give it a messed-up, carefree look. But the long-straight look works wonders on those who have gorgeous hair and like to wear it long. How do you get it? Well, you have to grow your hair pretty long, and then get it cut absolutely straight, preferably with bangs. Then go for permanent hair ironing, which straightens it out. The straight look is remarkably easy to maintain, and also versatile if you want to dry different hairstyles on it.

Bob Look

The third among the top 5 hairstyles for 2018 is the bob, which came in 2009, and has stayed around ever since for its practicality, comfort and its gorgeous style! Think Katie Holmes, who looks absolutely fabulous with the bob. The boss is classy, elegant, and also exquisite. Plus, it works even better if you wear small earrings – the focus goes to the hair, and people are definitely bound to notice it!

Elegant Shoulder Look

Fourth comes the elegant shoulder-length haircut. Carrie Underwood, the singer, has been spotted with this haircut, and it works on everyone with all types of face-cuts and cheekbones, and it’s okay for all hair types. Preferably this shoulder-length haircut should be for ones who have their hair a little wavy.

Fringe Look

And last among the top 5 hairstyles for 2018 is the fringe. You can get it with curly hair, with straight hair, or even with permed hair. The fringe looks good on those with slightly broad foreheads, because it helps to camouflage it. Get a rounded, sweeping, or short fringe – all of them look good. Fringes always give your hair an extra touch of appeal.

The main idea in 2018 is versatility. Play around with your hair; get a good haircut, one that you can dress up for occasions. A good idea would be to look up celebrity hairstyles on the Internet, zero in on one or two, and then ask your hairdresser how those would look. You need to keep in mind that what looks good on celebrities might not necessarily look as good on you – either because the face shape is different, or the hair quality is different.

This 2018, bring in change, and let it show in your hair. Get a funky new haircut that you can maintain easily, yet has style and flexibility. If you have a classic look, give it a little twist. This will give your hair a more purposeful look. One of the biggest fashion mistakes in 2018 will be going to a party or event with your hair looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed. No, proper maintenance of hair is a must. So consult your hairdresser on shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products.

The basic thing you need to know about hairstyles for 2018 is that length is back, and how! Yes, the pixies and the bobs are well in fashion, but nothing works like length. So grow your hair long, this means you have many more options to play around with it! Embrace your diversity, figure out what will look good on you, and then just go ahead and get the haircut!

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