Top 5 Celebrity Hairstyles

Celebrity Top 5 Celebrity Hairstyles
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Top 5 Celebrity Hairstyles, Well, the very first thing that you need to know is that we really love our celebrities. We talk about them, we discuss their lives and their families, their activities – and of course, we always talk about their clothes, their fashion, and most importantly their hair. Yes, celebrity hairstyles are always the hot topic of conversation.

Top 5 Celebrity Hairstyles

The ones in their limelight have hairdressers who are often paid thousands of dollars to give them that epic look that highlights their appeal, and shows off their facial and body proportions to the best advantage. Stylish celebrities are always way ahead of us, not just in terms of clothes and accessories, but also in terms of hair.

So if you have been thinking of getting a new haircut, if you want a new look for your hair, then why not just look at the celebrities to find a cut you like? All you have to do is simply log on, and browse through pictures where you can see the hottest new celebrity hairstyles. In this article, we shall tell you the top 5 celebrity hairstyles, which will help you get started.

  1. Britney Spears

Love her music or hate her constant antics, you can’t deny she’s got great hair. It’s the typical all-American look, vibrant and blonde. She adds volume to the hair by diffusing the back and front, and the sides of it. Lately she’s gotten some streaks done – and it just adds to her appeal. Britney looks best with her blonde mane flowing down her back!

  1. Christina Aguilera

Her constant competitor. She used to wear her hair really short before, now she wears it in a long style. She has beautiful white blonde hair, sometimes highlighted with bold black tips. Usually she keeps bangs, which add appeal to her pixie-ish face.

  1. Jennifer Lopez

undeniably, has great hair! Put it down to her Latino roots or to good brand of shampoo, her hair is the stuff dreams are made of! Her latest hairstyles is of a shoulder length cut, with curled tendrils that adds charm to her face. She has also gotten highlights done, which increase her sex appeal through and through!

  1. Drew Barrymore

Sometimes, long hair may not be an option for you, either because you can’t maintain it, or the weather doesn’t permit it – or you simply want o go for a sexy, short cut! Why not go the Drew Barrymore way, get a bob cut, and layer the bangs in the front to frame your face? It’s simple, yet classy and appealing. What’s more, it’s adaptable, and goes with just about anything you wear!

  1. Demi Moore

She has lovely black hair; you could either go for her short hair look in Ghost, or the long flowing mane she sometimes sports. Demi Moore has tremendously amazing hair which always manages to shine no matter what the occasion.

So there, we have given you great examples of the top 5 celebrity hairstyles, so you can take inspiration from these fabulous women to figure out your next haircut. Just a tip before you get started though – you need to take into account that what looks good on celebrities may not necessarily look good on you. For instance, Lady Gaga can carry off pink streaks in her hair, but would you be able to? So before going in for the final thing, just consult with your hairdresser, and then get it done. Sometimes a professional opinion helps!


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