Top 10 Winter Hair Care Tips

Hair care Top 10 Winter Hair Care Tips
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Top 10 Winter Hair Care Tips, How can you take care of your hair in winter when the cold and lack of moisture in the air can turn it drier? There are different ways to take care of your hair when you are facing the dry and cold climate. Damage to your hair can come very easily when you are not nourishing it from the roots particularly in the chillier months. The following top ten tips for hair care make you see better hair days.

Top 10 Winter Hair Care Tips

Wearing a scarf or a hat to protect your hair can be one of the best things to help your hair stay better against the cold and the dry wind. But it would not be wise to wrap your head with a scarf way too tightly. This would restrict circulation and make your hair feel uptight. Make sure that you don’t cover your wet hair either!

Using a conditioner right after wash is most beneficial. This locks in the moisturizer and makes your hair easier to manage. A conditioner is important that is suited to your hair type whether it is oily, dry or normal.

Oiling your hair every week for at least once or twice could be one of the most beneficial aspects for your hair. This really makes your hair softer, smoother and vibrant. It also stops breaking off hair that many experience during winter months.Warm oil massage is the key as the hair shafts are better able to absorb the oil in this way. Just soft pressures while massaging your hair can be one of the best things that you would like to experience on a winter day. Keeping the oil for up to two hours before shampooing is also a great idea. Oils like jojoba, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, almond oil, sesame seed oil, etc. are best for nourishing dry hair.

Limit your use of styling products. This tends to dry the hair and even cause damage and dandruff. Having the wrong styling products is even worse. So make sure that you have consulted someone well enough before using these products. All kinds of styling products are loaded with chemicals. Make sure you only use sparingly and only the kinds that are meant for the purpose. It is best to use them on occasions and let your hair breathe for a while.

Don’t go outside in wet hair as this tends to break the hair easily. This also makes your hair susceptible to cold and harsh wind. The hair should be towel dried for best results. Hair should not be treated to artificial drying methods as well.

The use of hot items like blow driers, steaming irons, tongs, etc. should be limited. These particularly affect the hair in dry, wintry climates. They tend to bring your hair to become weaker as well. It is always a good idea to use serums and light conditioning hair when you are using these styling irons and tongs. They should also be used by professional care and delicate handling. People do the highest mistakes when handling these items. There are a lot that can be done in taking precautionary means when one is using these tools. These should not be used in a habitual way as well but more on occasions. This way the hair health stays better and they break or split less often.

Not using shampoos that are chemically based is one of the keys to longer and thicker hair. It is important to use products that have some of the most natural and organic ingredients. Dried powder shampoos that are organic and gentle are the most effective for hair cleansing. There are also organic shampoos that are made with 100% natural derivatives. These are some of the most effective ones to work with as well. They bring vitality and charm to your hair and make you look great.

Keep your scalp dandruff free by keeping it clean. Dandruff will also make you have rough skin around your face as the flakes fall and itch your delicate skin area. It is important to use lemon in your hot oil so that if you have chances of developing dandruff they get warded off quickly. Hennaing your hair or henna based shampoos and conditioners keep your scalp free of dandruff. Fenugreek seed paste with jojoba oil and hibiscus flower powder also makes for an excellent pack that cools the scalp and keeps it dandruff free. This way it is possible to keep the scalp healthy and well nourished with less of itching and soreness. Dandruff in your scalp is not a healthy sign at all as this will lead to hair fall in time. Poor hygiene, imbalanced diet and low intake of EFAs would also bring in dandruff to your scalp. The development of dandruff can be cured with proper hair care along with nutritional fine tuning. Higher intake of water will also cure dandruff and hydrate the skin and scalp, nourishing your whole body. Dandruff also occurs if you are using brushes and pillows or blankets of other people. Since dandruff is contagious through the usage of these it is important to keep these strictly private and wash them from time to time. One should also change one’s own bed sheets and pillow covers regularly as using very dirty ones would result in infected scalps and spreading of dandruff as well.

Hair packs made of overripe and mashed banana, papaya, avocado and mayonnaise or honey is really good for nourishing the hair and bringing back bounty and life to it. It is important to have the hair feed regularly with these packs. These are important to take care of the hair from the roots and have the scalp fed in the best way possible. Hair packs also keep our hair soft and easy to maintain. They are meant for deep conditioning the hair and are extremely beneficial. Rather than buying conditioning packs it is the best thing to make homemade fruit packs. A pack of yoghurt, honey and eggs is also important to nourish hair. It is also nice to maintain hair with henna pack with eggs and oil added to them. This way one is able to take care of one’s hair.

Coloring your hair dries it easily. It is always advised to color your hair in summer or not color damaged hair at all. Damaged hair will become even drier if you color it further. But if you are indeed keen of coloring your hair in winter, make sure that it has been well nourished and treated for days before taking the plunge in coloring it.

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