Top 10 Celebrity Hairstyles Woman Want

Celebrity Top 10 Celebrity Hairstyles Woman Want
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Top 10 Celebrity Hairstyles Woman Want, We all like to look good, and we usually invest all our money on designer jeans and high heels, and sexy tops. We even spend hours and hours of makeup. But what’s the point when we step out looking like a million dollars, yet at the same time neglecting our hair? The hair looks messy and unkempt, or the hairstyle is just so last season! Yawn. So what’s the solution? Well, why not go for a celebrity hairstyle? They’re fun, they’re easy, and if you don’t know how to get them – well, just look at pictures online of your favorite celebrities, and ask your hairdresser to replicate it for you!

Top 10 Celebrity Hairstyles Woman Want

But wait a moment. It’s not as easy as that. We all know that celebrities are trend setters, and that they get great exposure. It’s hard not to notice Jennifer Aniston’s gorgeous straight hair, or ignore Reese Witherspoon’s constantly changing cuts – but you need to think about some stuff before trying on a celebrity hairstyle. You need to take into account that it could turn into a real disaster, so think about certain stuff carefully.

Firstly, don’t be fooled – yes, celebrities look exquisite and ravishing even with strange hairstyles, but bear in mind that you might not look the same! Just imagine yourself with that hair before walking straight into the salon with a printed copy of your celebrity’s photograph. Celebrities always get away with the strangest of haircuts, but you might not be able to. So be careful what you copy. Also, take into account the shape of your face.

The celebrity whose hairstyle you pick should have a face shape similar to yours, only then would it remotely look nice on you. For instance, if you have a round face, and try to go for a Courtney Cox-like haircut, you wouldn’t look good! No, stick to someone closer to your facial shape. You also need to take into account the type of your hair, if your hair is thick and wavy, then chances are you will not be able to get the Jennifer Aniston-type look. Make sure you have the right hair for the right hairstyle – appropriateness plays a big role.

All said and done, celebrities do set trends, so don’t be afraid to look out for a little inspiration. Sure, those layers look great on your hair, but why not do something different, this season? All you have to do is open that fashion magazine, and look at pictures of Alizee, or Julia Roberts, or Cameron Diaz, or even Rachel McAdams, posing and looking absolutely great with the sexiest and most unusual of hairstyles! Imitation, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery, so flatter your favorite celebrities by choosing a style you like, making sure it’s appropriate for you (remember the points we mentioned), and then asking your hairdresser to give you that look!

Now we come to the top 10 celebrity hairstyles that women want, this should guide you with good examples of possible hairstyles.

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

Who doesn’t want her gorgeous, gorgeous hair? This woman is just blessed to have hair like that? We went gaga over her in Season 1 of Friends when she had curly locks, in Season 3 when she had layers of haircut to her shoulders, we swooned, and now that she has mid-waist length, iron-straight golden hair, we still think it’s fabulous! Those with slightly heart-shaped faces can go for this haircut; you might team it with bangs for an even better look.

Alicia Silverstone Hairstyles

You may not like her acting, but you have to admit, she’s got gorgeous hair! We do love her curly, messed-up, and carefree hair that she just loves to toss over her shoulders. If you have a squarish face and broad shoulders, then this is the cut for you! Team it with two colorful clips in your hair for a girlie, appealing look.

Marcia Cross Hairstyles

Not only do we think she’s utterly gorgeous, we also love her red hair, somehow it goes so well with her personality. What’s more, it always looks great! Get your haircut straight, right down to your shoulders, and then you can experiment with it, either with layers or bangs, or even with a loose French knot. It all works if you tend to dress on the girlie elegant side, and can carry off the prim-and-proper look!

Amanda Peet Hairstyles

Get a fringe, and wear your hair in a ponytail. It’s mess-free, it’s easy to get, and it’s so easy to manage! Plus, if you dress up your eyes really well with mascara and eye shadow, all attention goes to them beneath your fringe – it’s that added touch of mystery that will make you ooze charisma!

Mariah Carey Hairstyles

Sleek, golden, shiny and gorgeous. If you have hair that behaves itself, if it’s wavy and golden like hers, then this would be the perfect haircut to try! Don’t forget to use some hair mousse for added volume!

Angelina Jolie Hairstyles

We love her pout, but we also love her hair. It’s wavy, it has great body, and what’s more – it’s long and black and utterly feminine! Whether it’s left loose over her shoulders or swept up in a chignon, it always looks classy and fabulous.

Faith Hill Hairstyles

We love her songs, and we also love her haircut. If you are slightly boyish, if you have a big, open smile and mischievous, cute eyes – then this is the perfect haircut for you! Get a bob-type haircut (yes, the bob is back, and how!) and then ask your hairdresser to cut the lower sides in layers, to add a thick mane-like look. Brush it over your forehead, and blow-dry the back, for the very best results! You’ll look like a million dollars no matter what you wear!

Helena Bonham Carter Hairstyles

This woman can carry off just about anything. Her hairstyles are always fuss-free, yet very sexy. You could try getting your haircut in layers like hers to add volume, and then blow-drying it and leaving it loose, to frame your face. This works really ell if you have a heart-shaped face and big eyes like hers. Quite the haircut to take all the guy storm.

Ashley Judd Hairstyles

If you have a small face and slightly sunken in cheeks, then this look would be great for you. Get your haircut short, ending right above the shoulders, get it curled outside, wear it with a fringe and lots of attitude – and you will be turning heads wherever you go!

Tara Reid Hairstyles

Her white blonde hair is just gorgeous, and if you have that angel-shaped face, get your haircut like hers (straight, swept over one side of the head, and brushed straight down) for an ultra-elegant look that will never fail to impress! This look especially works if you work in the corporate world; it goes great with business suits and power lunches!

So there you have it, the top 10 celebrity hairstyles that women want, and suggestions on how to get them. Do remember to take your hair type and face type into consideration before going to your hairdresser!

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