The Long and Short of It Secrets to Healthier Hair

Hair care The Long and Short of It Secrets to Healthier Hair
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The Long and Short of It Secrets to Healthier Hair, Goodbye to bad hair days and hello to healthy hair! Soft and shiny tresses can be yours with little effort by following these “secrets” to getting healthier locks and keeping them.

The Long and Short of It Secrets to Healthier Hair

Stop the presses

Pressing and curling your hair with heated tools is a sure way to damage your hair. Extreme heat removes moisture from your hair and causes breakage and split ends.  Use a conditioning gel to coat and protect your hair during those heated moments.

Change is good, Switching your shampoo and conditioner on occasion will do wonders for your hair. Your hair can become immune to the same shampoo and conditioning treatment over and over. You fail to get the same results as you use to.

A little off the sides

Getting your haircuts on a regular basis is good for your hair. A frequent visit to your favorite stylist for a trim is a good remedy for split ends and encourages new hair growth.

Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun – summer trips to the beach are fun. But it is also dangerous to our hair.  UVA and UVB rays damage our hair. Dull and dry hair is just one result of prolonged exposure to the sun. Wearing a hat while outside, helps to block some of those harmful rays. A good leave in conditioner with SPF will do wonders.

Balancing act

A balanced diet with proper exercise and drinking plenty of water is great for your hair. Avoid fatty, greasy and sweet foods.  Vitamin supplements rich in B complex, biotin, folic acid, iron, zinc and flax seed oil will help to give your hair strength as well as shine.

Scalp Massage

Give your scalp a vigorous five minute massage daily to stimulate your scalps blood supply. Longer, thicker and stronger hair will result.

Wet and wild

Keep your hair moisturized and hydrated. Rub oil –try olive oil – into your hair and scalp periodically. Wrap for 30 minutes and style. Also try putting a drop of perfume into your gel. Comb and style!

If it’s not broke don’t fix it – If you have discovered habits for developing and keeping healthy hair, by all means continue to do so.

One indicator of good health is hair. Healthy hair is a healthy goal. These secrets will help you achieve a full and lustrous mane. Cheers to you!

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