The different known and unknown causes of Hair loss

Hair Loss The different known and unknown causes of Hair loss
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The different known and unknown causes of Hair loss is a common issue in men and women both along the whole world. Hair loss can occur to anyone at any stage of life, at any age. The reasons are not the same for everyone. The reason behind the hair loss of any particular person must be identified perfectly before starting any treatment.

Causes of Hair loss

Though hair loss seems almost all the same to everyone, but the causes of hair fall can be different for every different person. Some persons might get this as a hereditary problem, some can face this problem due to hormonal changes. Women often face hair loss issue in the time of pregnancy, some women also face this problem in post pregnancy period due to hormonal changes. Some medications also can be the reason behind hair fall as a side effect. Some time stress is just enough to start huge amount of hair fall.

Some less common female hair loss reasons

There are also some less known problems which can cause hair fall, like the deficiency of vitamin B-complex in the body. Vitamin E deficiency is also responsible for the hair fall issue sometime. Excessive outdoor work also can cause pollution related problem in the scalp which can end up with hair fall. In such cases should be taken. If someone is exposed to the sun for a very long-time regularly, the ultra violet ray also can harm the hair follicles.

Other reasons for hair loss

In some cases, the problem arises because of some mental or Psychological issue like Trichotillomania or is also common. Fungus infection is also known as a rare reason because of hair related issue like Alopecia. In some cases, the regular diet of a person or poor immune system also or poor liver condition also can cause hair fall issues. But, almost all the issues related to hair can be cured with time, perfect medication, diet, change of habits and of course with the help of some experienced medical professional.

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