Stress related hair loss and the fixes for the same

Hair Loss Stress related hair loss and the fixes for the same
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Stress related hair loss and the fixes for the same, Stress is always bad for health. Excessive stress not only can cause harm to your body but also it can be a significant cause for hair loss. Anyone who does not has a hereditary hair fall problem can face hair fall issue due mental stress. In some cases, the effect is so fast that someone can face bald spot problems in the scalp because of extreme hair loss.

Stress Related Hair Loss

Telogen effluvium, Trichotillomania, Alopecia Areata, these are some types of stress which can cause female hair loss. In Telogen Effluvium stress pushes a huge number of hair follicles into resting phase, which weaken the hair as the result within couple of months those hairs start failing. While Trichotillomania is a psychological stress caused problem in which mind stress push an urge to pull out hair from the scalp or even from the eyebrow. This disorder can be caused of some uncomfortable feelings, tension, loneliness, boredom or frustration. Stress related hair loss issues also can be caused because of severe stress which causes weakening of immune system which in secondary result can cause hair fall.

 Sudden hair loss in women and treatments

If someone can control stress or can get over with it he may stop the hair fall to, and the hair might even grow back, though it is not fool proof for everyone. So, the if you notice patchy hair loss, or huge hair loss in a very short time, bald spots, if you are losing more than normal hair while combing or washing, then the best task to do is to consult doctor.

Choosing the doctor

The doctor can identify the roots of the problem and can provide you medication and even revised diet, which are part of hair loss treatments. In some cases, hair restoration surgeries are also offered as the solution. Though there are many kinds of medicines available in the market from many brands, but without the opinion of a medical professional taking any medication or using any kind of chemical can cause more problems than solution. Especially, if the problem is psychological like Trichotillomania, taking help of a physiologist along with dermatologists are advised.

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