Short Hair some handy tips to make them more phenomenal on the face

Hair care Short Hair some handy tips to make them more phenomenal on the face
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Short Hair some handy tips to make them more phenomenal on the face, Since short hair has the specialty of making your face more prominent, one needs to take an extra mile in the efforts to make short hair more relevant to the face make up. Let’s find out that how should one make over the eyes and other facial aspect to make them go well along the short hair.


Short hairstyles are more striking when certain hair accessories are used to assemble them. A short hair clip would be more than useful. Make sure that you do not get overly funky with the use of these, but be selective to make that the purpose if fulfilled. Hair band made up cloth is not very suitable for short hairstyles.

By the same token, hair accessories are not the only thing you need- some earrings could go excellent with the short hairstyles. Ring for nose is getting out of trend, but necklace is ever-living. Choosing the color of necklace in a way that it has the matching contrast with the hair could also be exceedingly pivotal in finding a chic final look.

Eyes and short hair

Make efforts to make your eyes a well-groomed area on the face. The eye brows need special attention. There should not be a single gap left as this does not sound ‘professional.’ A good eyebrow pencil would do the trick.

Mascara is another thing one should make the best out of. There is no point going for excessively costly products when simple yet effectual mascara would work wonders. As far as the mascara’s use as an alternate to the eyebrow pencil is concerned, the best way is to apply the pencil, and then use Mascara as the perfect finish. Use shade with extra caution. Make sure that the contrast goes well with the short hair you have done. Other important consideration while choosing the shade or color is the color of your eyes iris. These small factors could play a pivotal role in determining the finest hair make up for you.

Other aspects

Eyes play the largest part, but are not the sole factor to ponder about when making your short hairstyles more striking. For other part of face, you are still advised to go for some products like a trusted foundation etc. A lip gloss of some ‘flavor’ would also give the final look.

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