Short Choppy Hairstyles for Men

Choppy Short Choppy Hairstyles for Men
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Short Choppy Hairstyles for Men, It is really amazing how popular these short choppy hairstyles for men are, even among women. Here I posted a couple of simple yet totally stylish short choppy hair cuts that I saw on John Mayer’s pictures from 2018. It seems that he has finally decided to get rid of his curly locks and show off his pretty face! I guess most of the ladies will agree that he now looks too hot!

Short Choppy Hairstyles for Men

Anyways, the first out of these two short choppy hairstyles for men might look a bit messy and too casual, but that is very trendy now! The hairstyles itself is nothing new nor revolutionary and it requires only a bit of experienced hair cutting and careful styling.

The good thing is – it is very easy to take care of and won’t take much of your time, the picture pretty much explains it all.

The second one is a bit harder to maintain and it will most likely take a few minutes of proper styling every day.

For a hairstyle like this one it is easier if your hair is not curly, though at times it looks cooler if you have a slight wave. Of course it’s obvious your hair will need to be medium long or at least a bit longer.

Be sure to tell your hair stylist to leave some longer pieces near your ears and of course if you hair is curly you will need longer top as well. Many of the men decide to have some of the short choppy hairstyles for men as they are really modern and simply look hot!

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