Short Blonde Hairstyles

Hairstyles Short Blonde Hairstyles
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Short Blonde Hairstyles, Blonde hairstyles weren’t always as popular as today, as before many celebrities started dying their hair blonde not many women bothered doing the same. It seems that now many girls just love to copy their idols, especially when it comes to their haircut and fashion style.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Even though the number of blondes with medium length and long hair is generally bigger, many women love to have short blonde hairstyles, as they are at times easier to take care of. What many love about shorter hairstyles is the simple fact they are more stylish and there are loads of things you could do with your hair while it’s short.

I have selected the photos of these two short blonde hairstyles that I fancy the most at the moment. The first one is really stylish and it does need loads of time and care to maintain it’s coolness. It looks amazing if your face is round and if you have more solid eyebrows. As you can see from the photo – it’s all about a few carefully made cuts, it’s not really an extra-ordinary haircut but it looks casual and really cool.

The other of the two short blonde hairstyles is really common and kinda plain looking, but is more acceptable if you don’t wish to spend too much time doing your hair every day or two. I guess it was more a part of 90’s fashion and many celebrity women used to have a short haircut like this one. It kinda goes with almost all types of faces, especially the square and heart-shaped ones. Of course, both of these hairstyles looks almost as good with black hair.

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