Safe And Simple Hair Care Shortcuts

Hair care Safe And Simple Hair Care Shortcuts
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Safe And Simple Hair Care Shortcuts, Due to busy lifestyles, some women lack enough time and ample opportunities to wash shampoo and clean their hair as often as they would like. This however should not be used as a excuse or reason to walk around with dry, dirty, lifeless and more often than not stinky hair. There are many quick and effective do it your self at home hair clean up strategies which leave one with clean , fresh and  beautiful hair in a matter of minutes.

Safe And Simple Hair Care Shortcuts

For hair that is not extremely dirty but in need of a quick fix, wipe your hair with cotton swabs dipped in mild and gently cologne. This will clean the hair and rid it of dust, oil and dirt while leaving it smelling fresh and pleasant. One can also quickly wipe their hair with a towel dipped into a basin of warm water and shampoo to get clean sweet smelling hair in a flash. Very dirty and oily hair can be washed with beer! Yes beer! However one must ensure to thoroughly rinse off the beer to get rid of the smell of alcohol. Beer is an extremely effective cleaning agent which clears all dirt, dust and oil and leaves hair soft and easy to comb and brush. It also strengthens hair reducing amount of falling out hair which more often than not is caused by poor choice of hairstyle.

Women should always try and avoid hairstyles that pull at the roots of the hair such as ponytails. They should also be keen when combing on brushing ensuring to start brushing the ends first to untangle the hair and working gently towards the scalp. It is advisable to use natural bristle combs with large plastic teeth as these minimize hair fall out and loss.

Women with kinky hair now have safe and easy ways of softening and making their hair. The chemical process used to straighten hair is called a permanent and can easily be done at home following simple step by step procedure. A permanent wave is a chemical process that straightens and softens hair although it is not permanent as the name suggests as it gets cut off as new hair grows and must be retouched on a regular basis to maintain that soft, glossy, shiny and easy to manage and style hair. Before embarking on getting a permanent, women are advised to do a patch test on a portion of their skin to determine if they are allergic to any of the ingredients in the chemical.

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