Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles on Friends

Celebrity Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles on Friends
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Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles on Friends, I am sure you have all seen at least one episode of the famous American sitcom Friends and that you have noticed Jennifer Aniston and her shiny hair at some point. It’s not that she really had an amazing haircut, it’s simply that she new what types of hairstyles suit her the best. So there are the two of my favorite Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles and it happens just that she had both of these during a couple of Friends seasons.

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles on Friends

The first one is most likely the one everyone knows her for – it’s slightly shorter and was really common during the 90s, however the way she dyed her hair somehow made this medium length hairstyles look better on her. Now I doubt many would like to have a similar one now days as it’s simply not a trend, but if you add some layers to it and choppy ends it would look great.

The other one of these Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles is the one she most commonly had the last couple of years and I think it suits her the best, as it perfectly fits the shape of her face, while the color was simply made to go along with the tone of her skin. You should always try and be aware of those two factors. Both these Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles are relatively easy to maintain and don’t need a lot of styling.

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