Homemade Hair Care Cosmetics

Hair care Homemade Hair Care Cosmetics
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Homemade Hair Care Cosmetics, Hairs are the most beautiful part of one’s personality. Negligence in care results weak hairs and sometime loss of hairs. Just like human skin, special care should be given to hairs from childhood.

Homemade Hair Care Cosmetics

Hair Care Products

Numerous hair care products are available in market. Different brands are marketing their products to be natural and pure these days. But natural things are only a portion of these products. Lots of chemicals, essences, colour and scents make these ready made hair care cosmetics harmful to some extent.

Why Naturals?

Life is getting busier day by day and away from nature. Pollution, dirt, sunrays and stress are the factors damaging our hairs. The Mother Nature provides us the simple solutions which are easy to practice and not heavy on your pocket like commercial hair care cosmetics. Following are the few natural hair care recipes, I would advise you to replace them with your expensive HAIR CARE COSMETICS just for a month – you and people around you will tell you the difference. Be generous and do share the secret of your HAIR CARE afterwards.


  • Henna is one of the best available natural conditioner. Remarkably good to restore natural shine, flair and bounce.
  • Mayonnaise is extremely beneficial for conditioning dray hairs. Half cup of mayonnaise when applied to unwashed hairs, shampoo after 15 minutes, it will leave your hair full of smooth shine and softness, it is better to rinse with plain water before applying shampoo.

Hair Care Masks

  • Apply egg white gently on you scalp, massage for few minutes. Leave this mask to dry for 15 minutes, and then wash it thoroughly with water. This mask is good for weak, poor and falling hair.
  • Here comes another formula of natural hair mask: your need plain yogurt for the base of mask, low fat yogurt is not recommended. Now add fruit pulp according to your hair type. Below are listed some fruits for different hair types.
  • Mashed peaches for NORMAL hairs
  • Avocado pulp for DRY hairs
  • Watermelon for OILY hairs

Cook this mask and apply on neatly washed hairs and scalp. Gently massage for few minutes. Cover the whole scalp and hairs, leave for 15 minutes, rinse with water, don’s apply any conditioner after it. Repeat the procedure at least once after two weeks for soft and healthy hairs.

  • A mixture of plain yogurt and whole fresh egg applied to scalp and hairs once in a week helps to overcome the Dandruff.

Hair Care For Damaged Hairs

Hair sprays, hair colours, chemical hairdo and blow drying damage your crowning glory a lot. Here is a natural remedy for damaged hairs and split ends.

Hot oil treatment for hair care is gaining success from last one decade rapidly all over the world. Heat oil gently, preferably in a double boiler (Any oil that suits your scalp and hairs. Gently apply the warm oil, lightly massaging it on your scalp and hairs.

Comb your hairs for equal distribution till tips. Repeat the procedure for 3-4 times. In case of scalp allergies, apply oil a few inches away from scalp and proceed.

Wrap a hot moist towel tightly around your head to keep the applied oil warm for an hour for best results. Wash you hairs with a mild shampoo after rinsing them with a mixture of vinegar and warm water,

Selection of Hair Care Tools

The combs having soft round tips are highly appreciated and considered of good quality. In Eastern countries wooden combs are though to be good for hair care in general.

Same is the criteria for brushes, soft tips minimizes the damage where as Nylon brushes of pointed ends are not considered good for hair care.

Energy Drink for Hair Care

Other than hair care cosmetics natural or man made, I would like to share this delicious shake recipe with you.

Add Bananas in low fat milk along with honey. This nutritious drink will help strengthen your hairs. Protein rich diet also helps in the maintenance and growth of new hairs, specially “Animal Proteins”.

Oily Hair Care

Just like oily skin, special attention is required to deal with oily scalp. Routine care requires the removal of extra oils to open the clogs by exfoliating skin by a hair scrub.

Ground Lentils blended in milk, if rubbed gently in the roots for few minutes act as a hair scrub.

Wash it away with water after application.

Vinegar is known for removing residues from hair shafts, thus helps in closing the articles, and retains natural pH. Apple Cider vinegar of good quality should be used as natural hair care cosmetics.

Shiny Hairs

  • For longer shine and flare blend almost ½ cup of fresh Lemon juice with 1 cup of plain water in a bottle. After shampooing your hair, comb up this solution through your hairs till the tips.
  • ½ cup thinly sliced lemon in 2 cups of water boil it until the quantity remains half. After cooling and straining the mixture add 1 teaspoon of alcohol. Place the mixture in hair spray bottle. You can use it up in 2 weeks time without refrigeration for shiny hairs.
  • Here comes another nourishing recipe for hair care. Heat ½ cup Soybean oil with ½ cup dried rosemary leaves until warm. Place the mixture in a small bowl, over a big bowl containing water. Warm the oil over indirect heat. Work gently throughout roots and tips. Comb your hairs. Wrap them with plastic cap and hot moist towel. Leave it for 15 – 20 minutes. Shampoo your hairs nicely to remove all the oil from hairs.
  • Take some hot vegetable oil and roots of burdock in crushed form. Ratio should be 1:3. Filter it up and use within 3 days maximum. Before applying heat up the oil always. At least apply it twice a week; you will see the difference in 7-8 weeks. Stronger, shiner and healthy nourished hairs are the result of this time taking procedure.

So, do try on these Homemade hair care cosmetics as they are easily available in your kitchen and saves your money and HAIRS as well.

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