Hairstyle for Girls Who Likes Gangsters

Hairstyles Hairstyle for Girls Who Likes Gangsters
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Hairstyle for Girls Who Likes Gangsters, During the late 20s, movies about gangsters gained so much popularity among viewers. Many books about gangsters are also written which contain stories about gangsters who leisurely spend his time with his female companion. These girls are referred to as molls and their role was to provide gangster men support. Even at this present time, many girls are wearing gangster looking hairstyles and one downside of it is that even when a girl really want to wear such hairstyle, it is just that this kind of hairstyle doesn’t fit every single girl. There are also anime girl characters that have the looks of a gangster and when talking about anime, there are lots of Asian people who love to do costume playing especially Japanese people that love girls who rocks.

Hairstyle for Girls Who Likes Gangsters

Gangster hairstyles for women include The Bob, The Dutch Boy and The Shingle hairstyles. Typical characteristic of a gangster hairstyle for women is that the hair is always cut short at the level of just below their ears. Bangs are also put on hairstyle to complete the looks on the face a girl wearing this type of hairstyle.

For The Bob gangster hairstyles, this is typically a blunt cut on the hair that ends at just below the ear level of the girl. With this hairstyles, the girl’s face can stay all square all around her head. In styling for the bangs, it is swept and parted to one side or the hair can be just brushed off the forehead. Any girl who wears this hairstyle is free to choose from bob straight, pinned, curled or wavy hair design.

The Dutch Boy gangster hairstyles for girls is achieved by cutting the hair in a very short length and putting up a square looks on the girl’s face. Basically, this kind of haircut can be also called as the “helmet” because the shape of the cut really resembles the look of a helmet. The Shingle gangster hairstyles has a very short haircut length as its primary feature that tapers at the back of the girl’s neck with a V-shape on the nape. The hair is laid flat on the head and it also covers the ears while boasting with spit curls with a ringlet on the cheeks or forehead.

Women who love to look like a gangster girl would really love to have this kind of hairstyle with them not just because it looks good, but it is also fun to have one.

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