Hair restoration disadvantages which one should know

Hair Restoration Hair restoration disadvantages which one should know
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Hair restoration disadvantages which one should know, Hair restoration is no doubt a great way of getting back hairs. But, it do not work out in the same way, for everybody. One might suffer from numerous problems. It is important to know the issues, which can be associated with hair restoration, before going for the costly surgery, such that you do not end up frustrated.

Hair restoration disadvantages

Despite the benefits of these hair restoration surgeries which can rejuvenate the life of a person, there are disadvantages, just like other surgical procedures, for various hair restoration techniques. There are different methods for this kind of surgery is available now. But, it is very important that the candidate should have a good health condition.

The disadvantages one may face

But, it is very important that the candidate should have a good health condition. If the person suffers from Androgenic Alopecia which is a progressive, irreversible disorder, the person should be aware of it. If the person has a hair loss issue genetically at young age, then evens after hair restoration treatment his/her hair loss might continue, which may be cured by separate treatment. In some cases, if young people aged between 20-30 years gone through this treatment may encounter hair loss continuation due to genetic issues.

Despite of the above issue a person who is thinking about this surgery should consider it as the percentage is very low where the hair loss problem keep persisting after the surgery.

The other minor disadvantages one should be aware about

This surgery is an invasive procedure which is performed under local anesthesia. The success of surgery largely depends on the quality of existing donor area. If the suitable donor area is not found within the candidate scalp he/she might need an external donor. The recovery is also not an overnight procedure, it may take 8-10 months or even a year to complete, so it is a time taking procedure one can say and not to forget there is chance of couple of permanent dot marks in the scalp from where the strip of skin been taken out to use in the surgery. On other hand at the brighter side, these transplant procedure helps to cover up the bald spots of the scalp, it improves the looks and confidence.

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