Following the Best in Black Celebrity HairStyles 2018

Celebrity Following the Best in Black Celebrity HairStyles 2018
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Following the Best in Black Celebrity HairStyles 2018, If you are looking for hairstyles for yourself that are more like black celebrity hairstyles, you are in the right place. Here are a few styling tips that you can try out with a variety of hairstyles and looks for you this season.

Following the Best in Black Celebrity HairStyles 2018

Among the most popular black female celebrity hairstyles that you could try out are: One hairstyle that has recently been popularized by the ultimate Supermodel in the country- Tyra Banks is the ironed straight hairstyle. This is one that can easily be achieved, although you have to get the hair to look more natural than the artificially straightened hair.

The key is to keep your hair long so this hairstyle will be more suited for those women who already have long hair, and if your hair is not already naturally straight then you could use the straightening iron but make sure that your hair is given that perfect rounded shape and a straight even cut at the bottom. Long straight and lovely is something that Tyra Banks has managed to make popular and this is something that African American women are increasingly trying out and you could do the same and see if it works for you.

Another gorgeous hairstyle that is worth trying out is one following the hairstyle made famous by Meagan Good. This one is again a hairstyle that will look great one somebody who already has long hair. Light and springy curls is what you will have to give the lower half of the length of your hair while the length of your hair till the top of your ears should be made straight. This is a great combination that gives your face a more feminine and ethereal look, almost like a woman out of a Leonardo Da Vinci painting.  However this will not look good with short hair.

Of course this list would be incomplete without giving mention to the very iconic hairstyle trend set by Rihanna. This hairstyle will involve getting your hair completely cropped from the back with a tuft of hair on top with side bangs as well to go with it. However this cut will suit you only if you have a long and skinny face. Anybody with chubby cheeks or a short neck will look heavier on the face with a hairstyle that is so short as there is not going to be enough hair to frame the face.

Another great hairstyle that Serena Williams got for herself is a hairstyle that is great for African American women who have larger facial features- this is one where you get your hair lightly and loosely curled and side bangs. This goes especially great with those women who have their hair lightly colored but whatever hair color; this is one hairstyle that suits all facial structures. This hairstyle will instantly transform your face into looking much more feminine. The bangs cover the forehead and the long locks make your face look longer, so this is one that you could try out as well.

Another iconic black female celebrity hairstyles that could also be the perfect one for you is the Eva Pigford style that she has maintained ever since she’s been in the limelight. The closely cropped curly hair that is a style that she has popularized is however one that looks great when light colored on African American skin. But this hairstyle too is one that you should be careful about when selecting. You must know exactly what your face structure is. If it is round or plump then this is not going to suit you.

Gabriel Union also got herself a great hairstyle that perhaps you could try. This one is great because it has a great length- it is not very short and neither is it too long. The length of her hair is a few inches below her shoulders. This one has her hair lightly curled and cut in perfect layers with straightened hair on top and parted in the middle. This is again one of those hairstyles that will look great on all face shapes and especially if you have a high forehead this hairstyle will suit you very well if you don’t want to cover your forehead with bangs.

Finally, who can forget the great Bob look that Oprah Winfrey has perfected. However, she seems to get herself some variant of the bob cut every time we see her on television. Nevertheless the bob cut that will suit every face shape is probably the sleek one which is lightly upturned at the bottom. Smooth and shiny, this is the hairstyle you can have anytime of the year and is pretty easy to maintain. However this looks better on slightly older women than young girls, as it is a more conservative and mature hairstyle.

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