Curly Hair Cut Basics

Curly Haircut


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Curly Hair Cut Basics, Seasoned hair stylists know that the most effective way to trim curly hair is at an angle. This creates hair mass with the right volume but without the bulk. Check out alluring celebrities like Meg Ryan, Helena Bonham Carter and Nicole Kidman, to mention some.

Curly Hair Cut Basics

Their hair stylists certainly know what to do with their gorgeous natural curls. Be sure to find the right hair salon that can do for you what high fashion hair salons can for their high-paying celebrities. Styling curly hair cut need not be expensive. But you need to how to judge how well your current hair dresser is, or if you need to go elsewhere.

Curly Hair Cut

There are advance techniques in curly hair cutting and styling. But first, it’s to your advantage to learn some of the basics often overlooked when cutting curly hair. Here are the more fundamental ones:

  • Having a curly hair cut is very vital to maintaining a healthy set of curls. Otherwise, you can easily end up with a messy misshapen mass of angle curls full of split ends. Be sure to have one on a regular basis, say every 2-3 months.
  • The trick in cutting curly hair is reducing unwanted bulk and girth. A hair stylist who knows curly hair cuts can progressively diminish the bulk without even reducing the length while lessening hair width that comes with uncontrolled curls jutting sideways. This makes you looking like wearing a flared helmet on your head.
  • Cutting curly hair can be trickier than cutting straight or wavy hair. One of the most important things to remember is to let the curly locks flow naturally and organically as you cut it. That can only mean cutting and styling when dry, not right after a shampoo session. Curly hair looks quite different when wet than when dry.
  • A layered cut is often used to give more body on straight hair. The problem comes when applying it on a curly hair cut. Natural curly hair has a deep body mass and unless the hair type is limp or of the fine textured variety, a layered cut on short hair styles will give it too much width. That may look fine on thin-faced and obese physique though.
  • Thinning is synonymous to reducing or eliminating hair bulk. Thinning, a technique used in strait-haired people, can result in unwanted frizz in a curly hair cut. Your hair dresser should know the difference.


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