Causes, prevention and proper treatment of hair loss alopecia in women

Hair Loss Causes, prevention and proper treatment of hair loss alopecia in women
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Causes, prevention and proper treatment of hair loss alopecia in women, The most common cause behind excessive hair loss of female is Alopecia. The main 3 factors are hormones, aging, and heredity determines alopecia. Generally, men are most commonly experienced baldness than women. Men gradually experience hair loss when they get older. But female baldness can also cause as they age. The baldness of female can also be inherited.

Alopecia in women

Causes of hair loss

Almost about 50% of women experience stress related hair loss due to female baldness. A long, thick, and pigmented can turn into thin, clear, and light hair due to baldness. Though the sebaceous glands which are attached to the follicle produce sebum or same amount and remain the same size. Hair loss in men and women can be caused by lack of iron. The problem is more serious in women in those days of long or heavy menstrual cycles. A low diet in protein and low intake of iron both can cause hair lose in women. The people who are vegetarian with low diets in protein are protein deficient as well as in the patients with anorexia nervosa. Most of the women experience large amount of hair loss for 2-3 months after giving birth. A hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can also cause hair loss in women.


In the treatment of cancer chemotherapy is used which can cause the hair cells to stop their division as a result the patient has more fragile hair which can easily breaks and even emerges from scalp. This situation generally occurs after 1-3 weeks of the start of anticancer treatment. Even the patient can lose their 90% of hair. Hair grows back in most patients when the anticancer treatment ends.

The hair loss due to heredity is not curable but you can control it and can be treated the better. There is not a perfect treatment is available for Androgenetic alopecia in women currently but there are some drugs available which can stop hair loss and can help to prolong the life of hair follicles.

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